PC Engine Accessories & Merchandise

The TurboGrafx-16 failed to conquer the North American market. However, in Japan, the PC Engine was a huge successful. Strong third-party support helped it even outsell the Famicom.

GrafxGear's mission is to maintain the PC Engine legacy. Show off your Love of the PC Engine with our merch and keep your system looking its best with our accessories.

NEW NES Themed Inlays

High quality Nintendo Entertainment System controller inlays. Made from REAL WOOD with a strong 3M adhesive backing.

PC Engine Controller Sticker Inserts

High quality PC Engine controller sticker inserts. Made from thick .6 mm plastic with a strong 3M adhesive backing. All designs use a screening process that embeds the color from back to front. These designs are very durable and can't be worn or scratched off.

PC Engine Inspired Merchandise

Retro Inspired Merchandise

PC Engine Servicing (coming soon)

PC Engine Refurbishing

GrafxGear Services

  • Recapping

  • RGB Modding

  • Region Free Mods

  • Voltage regulator upgrade