GrafxGear F.A.Q

I'll try and answer any questions here.

Why was my payment refunded?

We don't have a complex shopping cart system. You must manually add shipping to your cart. If you failed to add shipping your purchase will be refunded. Please select shipping the option relative to your shipping address.

Why is shipping so expensive?

The postage cost for sending a photo mailer internationally is expensive. We are shocked also. We don't have the volume to qualify for any business discuouts at this time.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We will ship your order as soon as possible. Please understand the global pandemic has slowed mail delivery across the globe. It may take a while for your order to arrive.

Do I get a tracking number?

By default we do not offer a tracking number. I may be able to supply a customs code for international orders, on request

Why is the merchandise sold on another site?

This is a small operation and we can't make these products in house. We developed a lot of art in the process of making the controller inserts. A fun way to utilize that art was to make it available on RedBubble.

Will you make a version without turbo fire openings?

No. We could only afford to make one mold for this project. Making a another mold for a smaller market didn't seem economical.

Will you make a version for 3 or 6 button controllers?

No. We could only afford to make one mold for this project. Making new molds for alternate controllers would have been too expensive.

Will you make a LaserActive version?

No. We can't properly replicate the gold flake text of the LaserActive. However, you can find our LaserActive merchandise on RedBubble.

Will you make any more original designs?

Maybe? The Vapor Wave design sold a lot better than we expected. We have 8 other color palettes finished. If there is enough demand we may make a limited run for those color options. The alternate color palettes can be seen on RedBubble.