Replacement PC Engine Controller Inserts

GrafxGear exists because I wanted an authentic looking insert to fit my clear PC Engine case made by Retro Game Restore. It was just a distraction to take my mind off the COVID-19 global pandemic. I'm not a big operation. In fact, I have never done anything like this before. However, I put all my effort into making sure these stickers are as high quality and accurate as I could possibly manage. That said you will find small variations in the color and position of the various graphic assets. This was unfortunately unavoidable due to manufacturing constraints.

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Classic NEC PC Engine Controller Inlays

Classic PC Engine Inlays

Classic PC Engine controller inserts designed to match the NEC family of game consoles.

GrafxGear Original Controller Inlays

Grafx Gear Orignal Inlays

Comepletely Original PC Engine controller Inlays to match your style and presonality.

Console Decals

PC Engine System Decals

High quality clear vinyl PC Engine decals for use on your reproduction system shells. Kiss cut with UV protected laminate & matte finish. Don't forget to add a shipping option to your cart before checking out!